Killzone 2 Dated For UK, Europe

It's OK, geography fanboys. We know the UK is technically part of Europe. But we're dealing with two different dates here - one for Britain, one for the continent - so cut us some slack.

According to several British retailers, Killzone 2 will be out in Ol' Blighty on February 27. Sony aren't coming out and confirming that to the press, but since they are confirming that to retailers, that's about good enough for us.

Several territories on the continent will be getting their Killzone 2 on a little earlier, with the same sources telling Eurogamer that it's due on the mainland on February 25.

Kotaku AU Note: What this means for Australia, we're not sure. But we'll be calling Sony first thing on Monday to find out.

Killzone 2 out on 27th Feb - retailers [Eurogamer]


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