Killzone 2 Gets Bundled With PlayStation 3 For Europe

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe just loves to put things inside retail PlayStation 3 boxes. Case in point, this Killzone 2 bundle, which reportedly leaked from SCEE earlier this week. That's right, consider it unconfirmed.

But don't consider the package, basically an 80 GB PS3 plus a copy of Guerrilla Games' shooter Killzone 2, unlikely. Or even out of the ordinary. This wouldn't be the first time SCEE has gone bundle bananas.

It's just that we've never seen this many glowing eyes on a PlayStation 3 box before. Looks legit, but we'll hold tight for an SCEE announcement before demanding that next month's check is paid in Euros.

Killzone 2 PS3 Bundle Coming to Europe [GOONLINE - thanks, David!]


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