Konami Reunites With Atari Australia

Konami Reunites With Atari Australia

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Konami and Atari Australia broke up late last year. Konami quickly rebounded with Red Ant. That little fling didn’t last long. Now Konami’s back with Atari. Full statement from Atari Australia after the jump.

-27th January, 2009-

In view of the changing distribution landscape in Australia and the challenging economic times Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has reached agreement with Atari Australia that Atari will continue to distribute Konami titles in Australia and New Zealand for the immediate future. The two companies have enjoyed a strong relationship for a number of years and are pleased to continue working together.

Atari Australia is one of the leading third party distributors of computer software entertainment in Australia and New Zealand.


  • Bugger. Atari Australia are a frustrating distributor. Every game that Atari handles in Europe will almost always come out in the UK, and then Atari Australia will sit on it for several weeks before finally pulling their finger out long enough to squeeze out a few copies. And they don’t ever seem to communicate their actual release dates with retailers or anything, just tell them the UK release date. Which is never when they release it.

    The seemingly interminable three-or-four weeks of going down to the store I’d preordered from every few days only to be given a ‘not in yet’ for both Ace Combat 6 and Eternal Sonata after I’d already had to wait for months for a PAL release and I knew the games were already available all over Europe was one of the most frustrating things I’ve had to sit through. It actually made me decide to import anything Atari Australia is going to distribute, just to make sure they never get money from me.

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