L.A. Noire Developer Hiring Some Folks To Help Actually Finish The Thing

Remember L.A. Noire, the "interactive detective story" set in the late 1940s, set to be published by Rockstar Games? Apparently, so does the developer, Team Bondi, who are staffing up to maybe actually finish it.

The Sydney, Australia area dev — headed by Brendan McNamara, former Director of Development for Sony's Team Soho Studio — has opened up the human resources floodgates, looking for animators, artists and programmers for L.A. Noire.

The game was announced in late 2006 and was most recently pegged for a 2009 release. L.A. Noire does not, however, appear on parent company Take-Two Interactive's fiscal 2009 release list, which ends on October 31. Hey, it could still make the holidays!

Anyway, if you're looking for a job where deadlines don't seem that critical poke around the open positions.

Jobs [Team Bondi]


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