Lara Croft Sales Aren't Meeting Eidos Expectations

UK game publisher Eidos says Tomb Raider: Underworld sales are below forecasts. Eidos blames the cratering US economy. We blame the high kicks.

According to the BBC, North American game retailers are already selling Tomb Raider: Underworld at a sizable discount — not a bad thing if you want to buy the game, but not so good for Eidos. The company had put full year revenue forecast at somewhere between £180m and £200m.

The 2008 revenue results will actually fall between £160m and £180m. Eidos said it might have to discuss debt repayments with its lenders.

According to Eidos: "In a difficult North American economy, we have seen retailers restricting inventory levels and...products priced discounted above our expectations." Eidos isn't the first company to complain about this stinky economy and certainly won't be the last.

Kotaku AU Note: A real shame this, as Underworld is the best of the Crystal Dynamics series revivals and a cracking game to boot. Perhaps releasing it into the overcrowded holiday period wasn't the best idea. I wonder how it might have fared in February or March this year?

Lara Croft battles sales downturn [BBC]


    Can't help feeling not releasing it at $105-115 RRP would have helped sales a lot too, greedy bastards. I'm waiting till a price drop.

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