Lay Offs Strike Crystal Dynamics

Crystal Dynamics laid off 30 people this morning in the wake of underperforming Tomb Raider Underworld sales, reliable sources tell Kotaku.

The cuts were made across the board, we're told, to eliminate redundancy and give the studio tighter focus moving forward.

Earlier this week, UK publisher Eidos said that sales of the latest Tomb Raider title were below forecasts because of the U.S. economy.

The company put full year revenue forecast at somewhere between £180m and £200m, but the 2008 revenue results will actually fall between £160m and £180m. Eidos said it might have to discuss debt repayments with its lenders.


    What annoys me is that it is actually a really good game. I guess the gaming public just don't want what tehy are offering, good or not.

    It is a really good game, but whenever I try to buy it from anywhere that isn't EB its "We're currently out of stock" -_-

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