Learn To Knit The Wii Way

n response to my failed attempt at knitting during the Kotaku Holiday Podcast, reader Austinpoet offered a link to KNiiTTiiNG, a project that teaches players to knit using the Nintendo Wii. Call it Knitting Hero.

KNiiTTiiNG is a collaboration between artist Rachel Beth Egenhoefer and scientist Kyle E. Jennings. Rachel's interest in the intricate hand-movements involved with the art of knitting together with Kyle's desire to create a program to interface with the Wii remote and nunchuck controls resulted in a knitting simulator that simulates the actions of knitting and purling. You rhythmically replicate the actions of knitting using the controls as symbols scroll on the screen - K for knit and P for purl.

While KNiiTTiiNG currently remains an unofficial project, I wouldn't be surprised if a publisher apt to get in on the growing mature female Wii-owner demographic didn't snap this up soon. Yes, I am serious.

Kniitting [Official Web Site - Thanks Austinpoet!]


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