Let's Break Down Nintendo's Biggest Selling Wii Games (Let's!)

You've seen us break down Nintendo's DS sales. Now let's look at the Wii sales! Since this includes the Christmas quarter, sales are looking good, in both Japan and the West.

These are the sales numbers for the period April 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008, and include not just total Wii game sales, but a break down of the sales in Japan and "not in Japan", along with total lifetime sales. Yup, lifetime sales.

So let's breaking down. Yes. Let's.

Wii Sports (includes software bundled with console)
Apr. - Dec. 2008
Total: 18.95 million
*of which
Japan: 470,000 units
Overseas: 18.48 million units
Life-to-date Total: 40.5 million units

Mario Kart Wii
Apr. - Dec. 2008
Total: 13.67 million
*of which
Japan: 2.2 million units
Overseas: 11.46 million units
Life-to-date Total: 13.67 million units

Wii Fit
Apr. - Dec. 2008
Total: 12.16 million
*of which
Japan: 1.38 million units
Overseas: 10.79 million units
Life-to-date Total: 14.01 million units

Wii Play (Wii Remote bundled)
Apr. - Dec. 2008
Total: 9.4 million
*of which
Japan: 300,000 units
Overseas: 9.09 million units
Life-to-date Total: 20.91 million units

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Apr. - Dec. 2008
Total: 3.2 million
*of which
Japan: 210,000 units
Overseas: 3.04 million units
Life-to-date Total: 8.1 million units

Animal Crossing: City Folk
Apr. - Dec. 2008
Total: 3.2 million
*of which
Japan: 1.22 million units
Overseas: 2 million units
Life-to-date Total: 3.22 million units

Wii Music
Apr. - Dec. 2008
Total: 2.5 million
*of which
Japan: 420,000 units
Overseas: 2.08 million units
Life-to-date Total: 2.5 million units

Link's Crossbow Training (Packaged with Wii Zapper)
Apr. - Dec. 2008
Total: 1.7 million
*of which
Japan: 250,000 units
Overseas: 1.49 million units
Life-to-date Total: 3.44 million units

Super Mario Galaxy
Apr. - Dec. 2008
Total: 1.56 million
*of which
Japan: 40,000 units
Overseas: 1.5 million units
Life-to-date Total: 7.6 million units

Mario Party 8
Apr. - Dec. 2008
Total: 1.42 million
*of which
Japan: 100,000 units
Overseas: 1.3 million units
Life-to-date Total: 6.28 million units

Mario Super Sluggers
Apr. - Dec. 2008
Total: 1.2 million
*of which
Japan: 220,000 units
Overseas: 980,000 units
Life-to-date Total: 1.2 million units


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