Lord Of The Rings: Conquest Launch Trailer Appropriately Epic

With Pandemic's Middle-Earth take on the Star Wars: Battlefront series heading to stores as we speak, EA has an unleashed the official launch trailer for The Lord of the Rings: Conquest.

The trailer covers just about everything you need to know about the game. Choose good or evil, play through massive battles for the fate of Middle-Earth the way you wish to play, etc. It's actually not that much different from the trailer that ran back in October, only this time around there are helpful words to help you digest all of the epic they're throwing at you on the screen.

Still not sure if I should get this or not. Considering I would play the game online with you folks, I suppose the question I should ask is are you guys planning on picking it up, or would I be stuck with a bunch of snooty, non-Kotaku readers?


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