Madballs Added To Game That Was About Angry Balls Anyway

As an impassioned Madball fan, seeing Oculus Orbus appear in a video game, no matter what the quality, is cause for celebration. Even if the personally enduring 80s fad is simply being slapped on.

That's the case with Madballs In Babo: Invasion, it seems, formerly known as just Babo: Invasion from Playbrains. With guest appearances from Orbus and Horn Head, the marketing geniuses at Playbrains and Madballs licence holder American Greetings, have sold exactly one more copy of their competitive spherical shooter to this Kotaku editor.

The Madballs appearance was announced in late 2008, but we were blissfully unaware until the trailer came our way.

Curse you and your blatant appeal to my inner ten year old!


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