MadWorld Approved For Australian Release

MadWorld Approved For Australian Release

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Yikes! It’s been an interesting day for games not being banned. First GTA Chinatown Wars and now MadWorld. Australian Gamer sends word that Sega’s black-and-white-with-a-dash-of-red Wii brawler has evaded the Classification Board’s banhammer and will be shoving a street sign down your throat come March. Oh, and they note that – like GTA Chinatown Wars – no edits to the game were necessary to warrant an MA15+ rating.

Unedited Mad World approved for Aussie release!


  • This is stupid.. why would it have been banned? anyone else sick of these stupid “PHEW TIGER WOODS 2010 RATED MA IN AUSTRALIA – NOT BANNED AND NO EDITS NEEDED” posts… move on Kotaku, move on…

  • A Daniel It could have been banned for the violence featured in the game. I think most of these censorship-related posts have been okay so far. Most of the games mentioned have been more likely to be banned than, say, Imagine: Babysitters or whatever.

  • It was pretty safe from getting banned from day one. Typically the only games that get banned are ones showing realistic violence against humans or ones showing sexual content. Hell even gory graphics is ok if it’s against a humanoid creature that looks like an alien.

    Really this game always seemed a sure bet given it’s highly stylized nature.

    I’m more suprised some of the decapitation stuff in Fallout 3 got through while some drug references didn’t.

  • I think these posts are important becuase the classification board can be very inconsistent, I wrote to them asking about Max Payne, they stated that the drug use in it could have been accomadated at lower classifiication level than MA, wheras Fallout 3’s drugs were R rated? I was sure Mad world would be banned, gald to know it’s not.

  • I was confident this game would get through the OFLC’s minefield of inconsistency but still in the back of my mind I was unsure, I mean, look at no more heroes, we got an edited version of that, so its only natural to have had some worry about it.

  • @JayJay909

    Suda chose to release the edited version of NMH to Europe/Australasia & Japan, not the classification board, and since the Wii is really just a souped up kiddy system, you can’t blame him.

    I’m stoked that MadWorld made it past the ratings, cos there’s fuck all to play on the the Wii right now.

    Can’t wait for Desperate Struggle – sick of playing Wii Sports with the missus, which is still getting more airtime than any other game I have on the Wii.

    Still a major shortage on decent Wii games.

  • hopefully it is uncensored, unlike No more heroes, and hopefully it’s actually a fun game with a bit of replay value.

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