Meet The Lost And Damned's Johnny Klebitz

Grand Theft Auto IV's first dose of downloadable episodic content will hit the Xbox 360 in less than three weeks. Rockstar's new trailer for said episode, The Lost and Damned, introduces players to Johnny.

He's the episode's anti-hero, the "reactionary prick" wrapped up in an ugly "ravaged, drug addled exterior," if those are Mr. Klebitz's own words. He's also pretty good with a grenade launcher.

Rockstar's newest The Lost and Damned sneak peek packs in plenty of bang for the bandwidth, including 'splosions, police chases (on an active Liberty City airport runway!), and maybe a hug or two. A little somethin' for the romantic lowlife miscreant in you. A high-def version of the same trailer is available at GameTrailers.

HD [GameTrailers]


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