Meet This Generation's PS3 or Xbox 360-Toting Neo-Geo

The Game Gate VU, unveiled this week at the Amusement Trade Exhibition International in London, is a device that will let arcade operators charge people to play console video games.

That's right, it's essentially a Neo-Geo-esque demo station with a coin slot acceptor. Though it does look like this machine will also sport online support through iGames. To make the set up a sweeter deal for companies like Microsoft and Sony, the system will come with a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 that will need a special activation key and monthly subscription for the arcade owner to use. If an operator stops paying the console stops working and no more quarters... or dollars.

On the downside, the console will still only be able to hold one disc at a time, meaning you can really only set it up for a single game, unlike the Neo-Geo units which has a selection of games to choose from at any given time.

Wow, sounds like a horrendous idea.


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