Megan Fox Also Plays Guitar Hero

Megan Fox Also Plays Guitar Hero

Why is Megan Fox playing Guitar Hero on the Wii news? It’s not, you ungrateful little jerks. Here I am giving you pictures of Megan Fox and you question my posting judgment? How dare you.

This is clearly not news, but still potentially valuable. Say, for instance, you happen to run into Ms. Fox on the street. Not only can you wow her with your expertise on all things Transformers — particularly your deep knowledge of Cybertronian geography — you can break the ice with Guitar Hero trivia.

Given these newly published Kotaku Stalku tagged candid photos of the Transformers star wailing away on some Wii platform version of Guitar Hero, we’re sure Fox would love to hear about your “Through the Fire and Flames” high score.

Megan Fox Plays Guitar Hero, Still Too Hot For You [Egotastic – thanks, Dennis!]

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