Michigan Man Accused Of Raping Boy He Met Via Xbox Live

Nineteen-year-old Codey R. Hawks has been arrested on rape and sexual imposition charges in Parma, Ohio, accused of raping a 12-year-old boy. The two are reported to have met through Xbox Live.

NewsNet5 of Cleveland is reporting that Hawks "repeatedly raped" the underage victim after travelling from Michigan to Ohio. Parma police said that Hawks was staying with the boy's family, having arrived on January 15th. He was arrested yesterday.

I thought we made it perfectly clear well in advance of this disgusting incident that this is not what Xbox Live was for.

Try to keep your faith in humanity from shattering while exhibiting your best behaviour in the comments.

Teen Accused Of Raping Boy He Met Through Xbox [NewsNet5]


    Oh god, not one of these posts again. Just because a crime is committed with the vaguest of connections to videogames doesn't mean it has to be reported at videogaming news.

    @cheese - I agree with you.

    I disagree.

    They're important because mainstream media's perception of the videogame industry is important, and I think it's good that we're kept informed about things like this.

    Keep it up.

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