Microsoft Announces More Platinum Collection Titles, New [email protected]

In Japan, next February sees three more titles to Microsoft's Xbox 360 budget Platinum Collection line. They are:

Battlefield: Bad Company ¥2,940 2/26/09
Halo 3 ¥2,940 2/26/09
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 ¥2,940 2/26/09

The following month brings a budget [email protected] and a new [email protected]:

THE [email protected]: Life For You! ¥2,940 3/12/09
THE [email protected]: Twins ¥5040 3/12/09

Twins, as commenter Muu points out, likely centres on the franchise's Futami sisters. So mark your calenders, March 12 is THE [email protected] Day in Japan.

Xbox 360 プラチナコレクションに「Halo 3」など4タイトルが登場 [IT Media]


    It would make my century if they didn't region lock the new [email protected] game. But of course they will, because they hate foreign scum. Damn Bandai-Namco.

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