Microsoft: Peddling Add-Ons Works For Us

Sony recently called out Microsoft and Nintendo for having consoles that require add-ons in order to offer the total package. Now Xbox 360 group PR manager David Dennis responds, and fires right back.

Speaking to Edge, Dennis offered his response to Sony's add-on peddling claims, much like Xbox 360 group product manager Andrew Greenberg did during CES, only a bit more pointedly now that NPD numbers have been released.

"Our strategy from the beginning was to have multiple SKUs with a very flexible offering so the customer can choose the experience that they want. If you don't need a hard drive, you're not forced to have one. If you don't need Wi-Fi, you're not forced to pay for one."

Well that certainly makes a fair amount of sense, didn't it? But addressing the issue just wasn't enough. Dennis went on to fire a shot back across Sony's bow.

"The strategy of having a console that is $200 more expensive that has features that people don't potentially need or want but have to pay for—looking at [Sony's]sales numbers—I'd say it's probably not the winning strategy at this point, especially given the current economic situation."

It's beginning to look a lot like a brewing forum flame war, but I won't call it until they start including LOLcat pictures in their press alerts.

Microsoft Stands By Add-On Strategy


    No matter how much crap you have to buy separately, at the end of the day its the customers with the cash who determine which console is the best.
    Microsoft have a great strategy, falsely advertise their products as the cheapest, then when the customer see that they only have to pay $100 more for some extras they will upgrade.

    Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. I got my PS3 for free in a Sydney Morning Herald competition because my blog entry was judged to be a worthy winner. I play my Nintendo DS Lite instead of a PSP which I do not have because none of the PSP games appeal to me, but I’ll happily play Valkyria Chronicles on my PS3 because it is good. Yes, I’ve actually paid for Valkyria Chronicles and played it a bit. That doesn’t mean I automatically hate Nintendo or Microsoft, blimey, I was thinking about buying a 360 before I won that PS3, but my family couldn’t afford to get me one for Christmas so I had to endure it out typing up a wonder on my keyboard to win one for no cost but my own “blood, toil, tears and sweat” as Winston Churchill put it. And yes, even though I own a PS3 I can happily play Halo 3 on my friend’s 360 because it is fun. There, I said it. I have less brand loyalty than Daria from that old MTV cartoon that used to get played on Thursdays down under, I just pick and choose between what looks pretty or has a good feel to it. And after that I fire up my DS Lite because I might want to play against the same friend who owns a 360 on his mother’s DS Lite, because that’s fun as well. Especially since you can own both a handheld console and a traditional console from completely different companies, and like them all for the games they have.

    Console companies don’t ruin gaming, people do! Do you have any idea how much hate gets directed at everybody for owning a different console to somebody else? And how much of this occurs on the internet instead of in real life? It’s not just Americans or Australians either, or even the British for all their imperialism of the past (mind you, if not for the British, Australia would have been a very different place). Everybody’s hating on everybody because they believe that somehow the big corporations of the world who make their consoles are somehow out to get them. Well let’s look at the facts. THEY ARE. They care no more about you than how many games or controllers or add ons they can sell to you. Nintendo is just as guilty of this in relation to Club Nintendo coverage in Australia, as Microsoft is of charging for add ons. Sony had the hide to give me a “Kind Regards” note from a nameless drone when I won my PS3, with nary a name from a tangible person in sight who could have possibly handwritten the note for me. Each console company is equally as capable of the savagery of man as another, and each one merely seeks to gain more monetary wealth. But that doesn’t mean we can’t love their products. Square Enix, I’m looking at you, you future resident of the Seventh Circle of Hell reserved for traitors.

    sorry no prizes for that post

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