Microsoft Talks Xbox Live Stats For Australia

Microsoft Talks Xbox Live Stats For Australia


In a press release cunningly timed to coincide with this morning’s IEAA announcement, Microsoft dropped some interesting Xbox Live stats. Did you know that Xbox Live membership in Australia grew by 88% in 2008? How about that Australians spent 27 million hours on Live during the last twelve months? Or that we downloaded 4.2 million, er… downloadable things? Well, now you do.

It’s probably worth mentioning that there are now over 500,000 Xbox 360s in the country, with over half of those connected to Xbox Live. But still, a measly 250,000 out of a worldwide total of 17 million goes some way to explain why it’s such a bitch to find a local online game of Gears of War 2.


  • More people would connect to XBox Live if they could actually connect the damn thing to the internet. Damned if I’m going to stretch a cable from my bedroom to the living room, and double damned if I’m going pay $150 for a wireless router just for the XBox!

    *shakes fist in Microsoft’s general direction*

  • I agree why the f**k doesn’t the 360 have wifi already? I paid $550 for my console im pretty sure Microsoft could afford to include that..

  • “…goes some way to explain why it’s such a bitch to find a local online game of Gears of War 2.”
    Yet somehow when I play COD:W@W with “locale only” turned on I find a full server within about 30 seconds and connect to it with minimal lag within another 30 seconds. Gears online is so much fun when you connect, but I haven’t bothered even trying to find a match since the “patch” came out. If I wanted to spend 3 hours staring blankly at a screen I’d go to work.

    I guess I’ll stick to playing splitscreen against bots. Which brings me to another gripe about gears and COD…why can halo allow guest accounts to play splitscreen online yet other games can’t seem to?

    Anyway, Microsoft is like a shitty girlfriend. You can name so many crap things about her, you don’t quite know why you haven’t stabbed her yet but the sex is so good you just go along with it.

    • Whoah, I’ve been playing COD W@W for a while and I’ve never noticed a local only option. *Runs upstairs to xbox squealing happily*

  • I know that I started to play a bit more on live last year, but since most of the time we don’t get a good experience compared to Americans. (lag) I tend to play on PC more than console for multiplayer. Unless I am playing with a friend or someone from AU/NZ I really hate playing on live :/

    I will be shocked if we get netflix…… and since most of us have only a bit of internet per month it is prolly for the best we stick to torrents :X oh wait i mean going down to the video store.

  • And of the 27 million hours we spent on XBOX Live, 10 million of those were spent trying to connect to a player-hosted match. A wait so long, that once we did finally get into a match, we found our ping to be so much in the red that it wasn’t worth playing. Well, that conclusion was only reached after several attempts to persevere through the lag. Times when we decided “playing the game laggy must be better than not playing it at all…right?” I mean, this must be Microsoft’s viewpoint, seeing as they want us to pay for the XBL subscription but feel we don’t deserve an XBL Server in SE Asia.

    Unfortunately, if anyone did try to play on a player-hosted match, they’d normally be bombarded with chatter from American players, whinging about how their sudden 0.2 second lag from the player in the red is ruining their game. And subsequently be kicked by the host.

    But all of this must be ok! Because we still keep paying Microsoft for the XBOX Live Service. A service that offers about 50% of what the American-paying gamers receive. But that’s ok….right?

  • Lost in translation :- It is nothing to do with “Australia’s internet” – it is the simple fact that servers overseas require more hops to reach, hence more latency, hence lag. Bandwidth has little/nothing to do with it. 1.5/256 is plenty of bandwidth for COD4, but due to the pathetic way we get dumped in American games the gameplay is woeful. I bought COD4 after COD:WaW, thinking it would have the same “Locale Only” search option, only to find it didn’t – making online play virtually useless. Very disappointing to pay ~$100 for something I can’t enjoy. Microsoft needs to address this major issue by building it into the Xbox Live architecture. There needs to be standard search options that apply to all games on XBL… ie. “Don’t connect me to any US hosted games because if I have a red dot for my ping I’d rather not bloody play at all!!”

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