Microsoft: We've Sold 28 Million Xbox 360s

The Redmond giant and relative newcomer to the console wars revealed that it has sold over 28 million Xbox 360s since launch. Yes, that's much more than the originals Xbox's lifetime sales.

In anticipation of next week's NPD sales figures for the month of December, Microsoft's director of product management Aaron Greenberg told the Los Angeles Times that sales were ahead of the company's high-def competition... and widening.

Microsoft also whipped out its Xbox Live subscriber data numbers, hoping to impress the ladies. It puts Live membership at 17 million, with "a majority" of them being the Gold (read: paying) variety. Greenberg tells the Times that Live members have spent over a billion dollars with the service... almost enough to cover those big extended warranty bills.

Microsoft: Xbox 360 widens lead over PlayStation 3 [LA Times]


    No doubt this has been written in the US comments but....

    ..How many have red ringed?

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