Mold Some Lady Into A Sweat Mopping Bar Hostess

As with the previous titles, one of the key backdrops in Yakuza 3 is the night life — namely, hostess bars.

Players enter into this business — known as the "water trade" in Japanese — and try to create the numero uno cabaret club lady. Here's how it works:

After "scouting" a girl, dress her according to customer tastes. You can also select her hair, make-up and even accessories. Christen your burgeoning hostess with a new name. In the back room, players can train their hostesses in things like the art of conversation, but must be careful as the hostess's stress meter can fill up.

All of this gets the hostess ready for working in a cabaret club, pouring drinks and talking to customers. (There's even sweaty brow mopping!) Go in unprepared and end up having to apologise to the clientele. A well-reared hostess increases her rank in the cabaret club, number of customers and financial capital.

『龍が如く3』キャバ嬢を育てよう [Famitsu]


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