More Exclusive Noodles From Another PS3 SEGA Exclusive

The last Yakuza PS3 exclusive, Ryu Ga Gotoku KENZAN! got instant udon. The upcoming Yakuza PS3 exclusive gets, you guessed, instant noodles.

On March 2, Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 cup ramen will go on sale in Japan from food maker Ace Cook. It's not just ramen, but Kyushu tonkotsu ("pork bone") ramen. The ramen references fictional in-game ramen restaurant called "Kyushu First Star."

Yours to eat for ¥231 (US$2.56).

架空の名店「九州一番星」とコラボ『龍が如く3』カップ麺発売 [Gpara]


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