New Aussie Action Reality Game Asks World's Most Obvious Question

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"Would you like to win $25,000?" So begins Foxtel's new reality adventure series The Phone. Based on the Dutch program of the same name, each episode begins with two ringing phones hidden at opposite ends of an Aussie city, where the person who answers the phone, and the $25,000 question, is thrown into an intense mobile-lead game of cat and mouse. Actor Justin Melvey- admit it, you know he's the guy from Home and Away- stars as the fictional "millionaire", who toys with the unsuspecting duo during their dash for the cash, giving them clues and setting them high adrenaline tasks, including a gaming gun battle. Think The Bourne Supremacy meets Grand Theft Auto, without the murder. Or the corruption. Or the... ok, just think The Bourne Supremacy.

The concept sounds interesting. And if the previews are any indication, the show looks set to be pretty fast paced and action-packed. But I've got to know; how long until someone replies, "no, you cheapskates. I want to win at least a mil?" Since we'll be interviewing a few of the guys behind the reality-come-action show over the coming days, let's see if we can get an answer...

The Phone premieres Monday 19th January, at 8.30pm on Fox8.

[The Phone]


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