New Dawn Of War II Trailer: Tyranids!

New Dawn Of War II Trailer: Tyranids!
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THQ have released this new trailer for Relic’s upcoming RTS, Dawn of War II. Shows the Tyranids. And how they’re going to a royal pain in the Imperium’s ass.


  • ok, i know no-one on the australian site ever posts or reads comments, but i can’t keep this to myself – the tyranids look like a blatant zerg ripoff. dawn of war is a very respectable game, but surely within the content they had access to they could have come up with a race thats different to what we’ve already seen in numerous other games.

  • Thats not the case. The Tyranids have been appart of the Warhammer 40k univserse for a long time. They might be similar but they have alot of lore about them. They arnt a throwin race.

  • Tom, are you kidding me?
    Tyranids and Warhammer 40,000 were around a long time before Starcraft.
    In turn, I am sure the inspiration for Tyranids came from movies like Alien, and that came from somewhere else. However saying that Tyranids are a rip-off of Zerg in Starcraft is like the idiots who say that Warhammer is a rip-off of Warcraft.
    Please realise that Blizzard are not usually very “original”. (not to say that they are not a fantastic company who make incredible games).
    Please get your facts straight.

  • @ Tom

    i’m a pretty big fan of both the Warhammer and 40k universe, the Tyranids have been causing havok in the 40k universe for years before the Zergs were out in the Starcraft universe, that being said i love both franchises, but the Tyranids (both in this game and the table top versions) are mass swarmers, i’d say they if anything Starcraft ripped off the 40k universe

  • Ouch, Tom. Guess that’s why us Aussie don’t comment much round here.

    But really calling Tyranids a Zerg rip off – Rookie Mistake.
    The Hive Mind forgives you though cos Tyranids probably are Zerg and vice versa but no one who got a close enough look ever lived to tell.

  • holy cow, some responses ! Well, you are all correct, the tyranids may have been around longer, however in the video game universe, the zerg beat them to it. i dont deny the zerg came from tyranid inspiration though. i guess i’d just like to see a faction we’re unused to in videogames, but i understand there may be a lot of interest in the tyranids from fans of 40k

  • Trying to fix your blatant mistake I see?

    Its pretty obvious you’re just doing damage control. Otherwise you wouldnt have said what you did, too late to take it back now.

  • Poor Tom, you walked into it there : )

    The Rumour is that Blizzard approached Games Workshop pre Warcraft and said ‘we love your universe can we build games in it’ for whatever reason and I would assume Games workshops arrogance. they said no piss off. So Blizzard said, fine we’ll do our own… the rest is history.

    As much as I love blizzard this franchise is the first to get the feel of WH40k right (and theres a long list of crap attempts before it).

  • Actually, the tyranids may have been around longer than the zerg.
    Perhaps in one of those god forsaken WH40k Space Marine FPS you’ve probably never heard of(infact, barely no one has ever heard of).

    As for gaming I doubt that blizzard had never heard of table top strategy games(especially Warhammer) before they made starcraft.

    And zergs are essentially tyranids, of course with zergs they are a little more… polite when it comes to comparing them with tyranid behaviour =P

  • As has been mentioned both the Tyranids and The Zerg were inspired (and maybe even ripped off) from Giegers design for the original Alien from the movie of the same name. (as have a ton of aliens ever since) Games workshop are famous for stealing others ideas and then copy writing them as though they created them. Frankly this goes on everywhere in Film and TV. (people have been ripping off the original Star Wars movie for over 30 years)

    Including the Tyranids in DAW2 is a natural progression of the franchise. Fan boys expect it and for everyone else its a new faction to play. The fact that it is similar to Zerg is not really relevant. If you like Starcraft, play it, if you like DAW play it. (if you like both, play both) Just because Doom had a shotgun in it doesn’t mean that no one is ever allowed to put a shotgun in an FPS again, as long as they do it at least as well as the original.

    DAW looks like its at least had a graphics upgrade and now has at least one new faction (this is the only trailer I’ve seen) Thats an improvement on the previous game and a step int he right direction.

    Oh yeah and paying a guy out for getting it wrong in the first place is fine, but cut the guy some slack, not everyone that plays DAW is a 40K fan, The more people that play DAW the more likely it is to succeed.

  • Okay kids, here’s the full story to set it all straight, for the upteemth time.

    Games Workshop wanted to make a 40k RTS. They hired Blizzard to develop it for them. After Blizzard pours a lot of time and money into this game, GW pulls out due to lack of public enthusiasm and departure from the tabletop game (base-building and resources, instead of simply throwing armies at each other) and takes it’s copyrights with it. Blizzard, pissed off that GW waited so long to bail, redesign the units, buildings and campaign enough that GW can’t sue them for copyright infringement, and release it as Starcraft. Blizzard makes a shit-tonne of money from one of the greatest and most successful RTS games of all time and laughs its ass off at GW.

    GW don’t see a cent of Starcraft’s massive profits and go back to gouging their modelling customers. Years later they figure they can create a 40k RTS; based on the assumption that people are gullible enough that a clone of a game can be just as successful as the original if enough time passes. Dawn of War comes out, and doesn’t make GW very much money. Great game, but nowhere near the success their ‘first’ game turned out to be.

    TL;DR Starcraft ripped off 40k, because it used to BE a 40k game, but don’t hate Blizzard for it, because Games Workshop screwed them over in the first place.

    OP Tom is either ignorant or a troll, but either way he’s also a moron.

  • @Tom: Dude, learn to admit your mistake… don’t try and score “technically correct” points.

    In anycase, you’re still wrong: Space Hulk. They didn’t even beat them to video games – anyone who’s played the computer version of Space Hulk on a 386 will remember the Genestealers… who are the precursor race sent to seed worlds via infiltration before the swarm invades. And they had an appearance in Space Crusade.

  • star craft faboys cant be shut up about halo so i can be shut up star craft w40k is better than star craft tyranid were before zerg or flood bu alien were before tyranids this is sweet renrge fps to rts comparsion is so bullshit i say honestly zerg rip off tyranids terran dominion rip off imperium and space marines protoss rip off eldar and tau so gamer over

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