New Diablo III Screenshots Showcase Supersized Foe

Blizzard has updated the official Diablo III website with a set of four bits of artwork and five new screens, one featuring an opponent that could even the bravest player pee a little.

We've seen quite a bit of Diablo III since the game was announced, so when I was first flipping through the new art I wasn't all that impressed, until I came to that one particular screenshot. That gigantic thing who stole a pair of Voldo's hand weapons from Soulcalibur? Yeah. That's one big sonofabitch, and knowing Blizzard he probably isn't the toughest foe we'll face by far. Sure it isn't as dark as the previous two titles, but hell - you couldn't see most of that guy if the sides of the screen were dimmed, and he's definitely a critter you'd want to keep your eye on.

Update: Now I'm told the big guy has already appeared in gameplay clips, but his size remains the same.


    diablo was groundbreaking in its level of atmosphere, but 10 YEARS on, i dont see much new..

    @above. I'd like to see it stay how it was, and only be slightly new, due to subtle improvements and welcome but similarly themed additions. ,Wouldn't bother me. I like it. I like that it's not too 'new', as that could mean possibly fatal change. What do you mean by new, btw?

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