New Final Fantasy XIII Character Has A Fabulous Afro

A scan from the latest issue of Japanese gaming and manga magazine V Jump reveals the first new playable black character to appear in Final Fantasy since FFVII, Sazh Kalzroy.

Sahz is an unusual design from FF artist Tetsuya Nomura, foregoing the normal pretty boy looks for a much more masculine looking black character, the first to appear as a playable character in the main series since Final Fantasy VII's Barret Wallace. According to the text, Sahz has a deep love for chocobos, likes the colour green, and dual-wields pistols.

Hopefully Sahz won't end up being nearly the stereotype that Barret was, despite his 1970's throwback hairdo. As PSP Fanboy points out, that expression on his face certainly seems to point towards a guy who is a bit more lover and a bit less fighter. Check out the full scan below.

New playable FFXIII character revealed in latest V-Jump [PS3 Fanboy]


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