New Health Potion Adds ‘+160 HP’ and Ginseng

New Health Potion Adds ‘+160 HP’ and Ginseng

There’s a new video game-inspired energy drink in town. As if we needed another one.

Harcos Inc. has released a new red Health Energy Potion to go with their blue Mana Energy Potion. Mind you, these aren't in any way related to the Final Fantasy Potion drink beyond the basic concept of video game commercialisation.

The Health Energy Potion promises gamers up to eight hours of energy, elderberry, ginseng, biotin and folic acid, and as much caffeine as two cans of Red Bull.

"They are not magically delicious," says Dan Amrich, Senior Editor at Official Xbox Magazine and energy drink connoisseur of the Mana potion. "You can really taste the B12."

He's hoping the Health potion will be better. It has an apple cinnamon flavor that might cancel out the B12 taste of death. Starting today, you can find it in weird places like Fry's Electronics, Hot Topic and this website - if for some reason you want to buy it in bulk. Maybe to serve at your gamer party?


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