New PlayStation 3 Firmware Adds Photo Gallery, Smile Sorting, More DivX Support

Your PlayStation 3 is about to graduate to version 2.60, as new firmware for the console is coming soon (read: actually really soon). What's it add? New multimedia features and "guest access."

That guest access is limited to the PlayStation Store, designed for those fearful of joining the 17 million-strong PlayStation Network. Yes, you can now browse the PlayStation Store without an account! Hooray!

Potentially more exciting are new multimedia features, including support for DivX 3.11 encoding and a new Photo Gallery application. The Photo Gallery itself is a 100 MB download, according to PlayStation Network Operations director Eric Lempell, and will give PS3 owners new ways to sort, display and manage their pictures.

Video of the thing in action can be seen at the official U.S. PlayStation blog.

Upcoming PS3 Firmware (v2.60) Update []


    Is it as bloated and slow as every other PS3 update? They take FOREVER to download via the PS3, but full speed via a PC, meaning the stupid copy-to-usb ritual. Seriously, it's just absurd compared to 360 updates...

    Firmware updates: Small size vs big functionality. Pick one, not both.

    Even gamers have to sleep, so just leave it on overnight and set it to shutdown after the download has finished. Seriously, how hard is this?

    You must live in some magical future version of Australia that doesn't have crap download speeds and even crapper download limits, I take it. A 200mb+ download that has few if any upgrades at all is a joke, and that's what 99% of PS3 updates are...

    Oh no!! The copy to USB ritual. That's so difficult to do. So the updates take a little bit of time, so what. Plug your PS3 into an ethernet socket. PROBLEM SOLVED. Quit complaining. You're getting FREE UPDATES.

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