New PS3 Firmware Brings New Photo Gallery

The new PS3 Firmware, Ver.2.60, adds a neat feature — namely, Photo Gallery.

To use Photo Gallery, it's first necessary to install it. So, after downloading the firmware, go to "Photo" in the XMB and install Photo Gallery. It's necessary to have at least 110MB of hard disk space available.

The interface is slick and simple. Photo Gallery allows users to group pictures though a variety of options: date/time, number of people, age group, expression, colour, camera type, game and album.

It's also possible to erase Photo Gallery from the XMB if so desired.

Besides Photo Gallery, there's DivX support, and it's now possible to play DivX version 3.11 encoded files through the PS3. Another addition is that it's also possible for users without PSN accounts to access the PSN store.

Watch Photo Gallery In Action []


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