Next LEGO Game Is...LEGO Rock Band?

A "source" has told VG247 that Traveller's Tales' next LEGO game won't be Star Wars. Won't be Indiana Jones, either. Won't be Robocop, won't be Predator, won't be Halo. It'll be LEGO Rock Band.

Seems the rumour stems from an interview on Britain's Radio One last night, in which TT swore a new LEGO game would be out this year. Despite earlier indications their next game would be a LEGO Harry Potter, VG's source - who claims to be "100 percent correct" - has instead made the Rock Band call.

Seems like an absolute waste of the LEGO name, not to mention a pointless overcrowding of the Rock Band "genre", but hey, crazier, stupider things have happened in this business.

Rumour: Lego Rock Band in works at TT [VG247]


    I don't know if this is awesomely awesome or awesomely bad... HELP ME!

    Pfft... it will be a Lego licensed property preferably one with a Movie tie in coming, So Lego Harry Potter no doubt.

    Seems kind of pointless as no-one really pays attention to the characters in the background, lego or no lego.

    Unless you actually build your instrument out of Lego instead of buying really expensive plastic instruments... now that;d be awesome!

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