Nintendo DS Sales Dropped 82 Percent Last Year

Nintendo has a massive year with the DS in 2006 in Japan. 2007? Less massive, but huge. And last year? Not huge, but very, very big.

French site NintendojoFR crunched last year's Media Create sales numbers. Let's have a gander:

Nintendo DS
2007 sales: 7,167,372 units
2008 sales: 3,946,785 units
-82 percent

The introduction of the DSi makes much more sense now, no? Keep in mind, however, these are not official sales figures from Nintendo. For comparison's sake, here's the PSP sales data:

2007 sales: 3,069,465 units
2008 sales: 3,693,026 units
+17 percent

More charts in the link below.

Compte-rendu 2008 Japon : Ventes de consoles [NintendojoFR via NeoGAF via Go Nintendo]  [Pic]


    Their maths is seriously whacked out. According to my maths sales were down by 44.93%.

    My method:


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