Nintendo Has Some New Graphs To Help You Understand Its Success

Nintendo is doing well. The "$17 billion in sales last year" type of well, with more than $2 billion in profit. To help illustrate just how smashingly the company is doing, it generated some charts.

Sure, the Negative Nellys out there are going to point out falling profits, but just look at those brightly coloured bars! They're the kind of bars that show how massive the spread is between Nintendo and Sony this generation. Why Nintendo chose not to include Microsoft in these financial earning supplementary charts is beyond us. Satoru Iwata has his reasons.

Clearly, though, Nintendo still has plenty of catching up to do with the PlayStation 2, still the most successful video game console of all time, the platform that set the records Nintendo's Wii has recently been breaking. The Nintendo DS has bested the PS2 but, as of chart-making, only in Japan.

Likewise, the Nintendo DS has yet to topple its handheld ancestor in one region: the United States. It may have blown past the Game Boy Advance in Japan and Europe, but it can't yet match the 36.3 million sold in the U.S. alone.

For more chart comparison joy, skim through Nintendo's financial report follow up. It's fun!

Third Quarter Financial Results Briefing [Nintendo]


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