Nintendo Shares Fall As Far As They're Allowed To Fall

Some people are beginning to seriously question whether the Wii bubble has burst. They may be right, they may be wrong, either way, investors are listening. And investors seem to be taking it all on board.

Following comments made by analysts such as Hiroshi Kamide yesterday, Nintendo share prices started falling. And falling. And falling some more. Why? Kamide got the ball rolling yesterday with concerns over Wii sales, and Ichiyoshi Investment Management's Mitsushige Akino continues today with:

Nintendo shares have enjoyed a certain premium as people thought the company would do well even in economic conditions like this.

But now, a question mark is hanging over that assumption.

In all, shares fell 4,000 Yen, which is as far as shares are allowed to fall in a single day on the Tokyo Stock Exchange before trading is called to a halt.

Nintendo shares slide 12 pct as crisis hits growth [Reuters]


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