Nobel Prize Museum Goes Postal

Infamously infamous first-person shooter Postal 2 will be making an appearance at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, the game's developer's said today.

The footage of the game will be shown as part of the museum's exhibit on freedom of speech: Freedom of Speech: How Free is Free?

Game developer Running with Scissors says they were contacted by the museum's curator to ask if they could use footage of gameplay.

The exhibition, which was originally produced by the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo, Norway, contains, according to Mr. Skog, "a part that deals with censorship in games. In it we would like to use the game "POSTAL 2" as an example. First of all; the game was on trial in Swedish court, but was acquitted a couple of years ago. For the trial a DVD with gameplay was prepared and shown in court. We would like to use footage from that DVD in our exhibition."

According to the museum's website, the exhibit will delver into the some of the more complex questions of freedom of expression, like what happens when it is used as a protection to spread prejudices and messages of hate.

The exhibit will include history and modern examples of how freedom of expression has been stopped in films, photos, texts, sound and interactive games.

Hopefully, they will include more than just Postal 2. A few Rockstar titles pop to mind, as does Mortal Kombat.

POSTAL 2 Showcased in Swedish Museum Exhibit!


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