Not So Much Raptor Safari As Raptor Choplifter

We're big fans of Flashbang. Big fans of Velociraptor Safari. And big fans of the iPhone! Best way to combine all three would be an iphone Velociraptor Safari, but this is almost as good.

It's Raptor Copter (iTunes link), a new iPhone game by Flashbang that takes the spirit of 3D, jeep-based Raptorcide and moves it into a 2D Choplifter-esque title. Your brief: "Capture raptors, drop them into factories, and teleport their sweet meats to the future."

Game's fun, and for a limited time only US$0.99, but the good news keeps coming. Flashbang say that Raptor Copter was little more than a tech test, see if the iPhone could handle their Unity engine. Seeing as it can, they "are planning a Off-Velciraptor Safari iPhone port at some point", and if they're planning that, then hopefully an iPhone Minotaur China Shop can't be too far behind.

Raptor Copter Teaser (iPhone) from Flashbang Studios on Vimeo.


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