Novint Falcon Soon To Confuse Console Gamers Too

With the peculiar-looking Novint Falcon finally gaining some solid support in mainstream games, such as Valve's Left 4 Dead, the company plans on bringing the 3D controller to consoles.

Looking like a device you'd expect to see in a medical office or alien spaceship, the Novint Falcon is a USB device that replicates mouse movement in 3D space. Already on the market for two years, Novint believes they're now ready to take it to the console level. Speaking to GameCyte, Novint CEO Tom Anderson explains that it was more or less an instance of "Show us the gameplay."

The main thing is that the console manufacturers wanted to see game support, and now, we have that game support. We've asked our publishing partners if they'd be willing to support us on consoles, and they said yes. So all the pieces are there — we just need to put it together.

Anderson told GameCyte that they hope to have console games that support the Falcon by the end of the year. I'll hold off on picking on up until I can attach a dentist-mirror swivel arm in my living room to complete the effect.

Novint Falcon, Coming Soon to a Console Near You


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