Now, The Real List Of 2008's Bestselling Games

The answer to the question "What was 2008's bestselling game in the U.S.?" is "Wii Play." Or is it? What about all those multi-platform, multi-SKU releases like Madden and Call of Duty: World at War?

Turns out the answer is still Wii Play, with almost all things considered. MTV Multiplayer got the NPD Group to cough up the multi-platform titles for games like Madden NFL 09 — which comes in 11 flavours — and World at War which was released for six platforms in 2008.

The total tally puts Madden, not Mario Kart Wii in second place, with 5.25 million copies sold.

But what it still doesn't factor in are PC sales of titles like Madden and Grand Theft Auto IV. Those would be a big factor in determining, once and for all, who's the software sales king of the mountain.

If we had to guess, though, we'd think it's between EA Sports' NFL game and Rockstar's crime epic.

But then we'd have to consider worldwide sales and... you know what? That could just get ugly. We'll leave the chart as is for now.

NPD Clarifies: The Real List Of Top 5 Best-Selling Games Of 2008 Is... [MTV Multiplayer]


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