Now You Can Be Certain You've Bought a Jasper

The newer, cooler, less red-ring-of-deathy Jasper configuration of the 360 has been out since the holidays. If you want make damn sure that's what you're buying, Newegg is offering them virtually by name.

Ordering online or picking up in the store can be a crapshoot whether you get a Jasper as the new config filters into the supply and they're not in packaging labelled differently, or obviously, from older models.

Here Newegg is offering the Arcade bundle for US$199 and calling out its 256MB of internal storage, which is code for OMG TEH JASPER.

If you have US$200, in addition to the onboard storage, you'll get a savings on the power usage and a cooler-running machine. And, like, one that won't brick.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Arcade Holiday Bundle 256MB White [Newegg, thanks okenny]


    That's great and all but when are they getting here to Australia?

    It already out in Australia. I got one sitting on my desk for the past 3 week now.

    I checked EB, JB Hi-Fi and Dick Smiths this weekend (all were selling Falcons) before buying mine. I'd love to know who is selling Jaspers in bulk.

    @Galen: Check Harvey Norman, i picked mine up in early Jan and all the pro units were jasper.

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