Oh Look, Here’s Valkyria Chronicles!

Quick update to this morning’s story about the lack of the PS3’s best game on the retail shelves of Australia. I’ve just heard from Sega that a new shipment is due to land January 23. The only slight catch is it’ll only be making its way into GAME, EB and JB Hi-Fi stores. But still, hurrah!


  • All Interactive Distribution, the supplier for many retail stores, get’s another shipment on the 21/1 according to their Brisbane rep.

  • Called all the major EB stores, all sold out…I had to ring around all the JB hifi stores around Perth…one store north of the river had a copy left. Contemplated driving for 20 minutes to get it…Then I realised that there was a new EB that opened just near my house…rang them up, they had one copy left. Better believe I put my name down on that sh1t.

  • Checked the EB website for the Sydney area and there was a copy in North Sydney, which isn’t too far from work. Called them up, got them to hold it and just picked it up. They told me that the only reason they even had the copy was that someone returned it yesterday … talk about lucky 🙂

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