Once Again, Microsoft Explains Why It Won’t Go Blu-ray

Once Again, Microsoft Explains Why It Won’t Go Blu-ray

Blu-ray won the format war. One HD game console (the PS3) already uses the format. The other one (the Xbox 360) doesn’t. Microsoft says it plans to keep it that way.

We’ve heard this before. Microsoft isn’t going Blu-ray. Still, Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division, lays out three years why the company isn’t keen on the format:

It’s not a feature we get a ton of requests for. We really don’t. When you ask people the list of things they want to see us spending time creating in Xbox, Blu-ray is way, way down on the list.

The second thing is, from a technical perspective, it doesn’t help us in the core of what Xbox does, which is in gaming. We can’t have publishers produce games on Blu-ray disc. Because then they won’t play on the 28 million Xboxes we’ve already shipped. So it doesn’t help us in the core gaming space.

The third thing, and this maps to all three of those, is that it costs a lot of money. And so the scenario is, OK, let me get this straight: I’m going to add something to the product that’s going to raise the cost, which means the price goes up, consumers aren’t asking for it, and by the way, my game developers can’t use it.

If HD DVD had won the format war, would Microsoft be singing this song?

Q&A: Microsoft’s Robbie Bach on economy, Zune glitch and iPhone [TechFlash via VG247]


  • well microsoft believes in the cloud and downloading from the net. This seems to be the way forward and mediums such as dvd and bluray aren’t.

  • Bluray has a few good years of life in it yet. Most adopters (like myself) will get BD for collecting purposes. So it does have it’s place. Anyone trying to convince others that it’s a replacement for DVD are just deluded.

    “The Cloud” may be the way of the future, but, that future is a long way off. For Australia, that may be a long, long, long way off.

    Also, while downloaded content is “good enough” there will always be people and a market for high quality content.

  • Come one, you dont think DVD will last forever until judgment day do you?

    Funny that people said the same thing 10 years ago during the early days of DVD. 10 years ago, no one can imagine why in the world would anyone buy DVDs, while 700MB is enough to store anything they want.

    The only reason why people dont buy Blu-ray is because:

    1. The Price.
    Just like any new technology, it started of high price and will gradually come down over time.

    2. Not everyone has HD TV yet.
    We are at transition time, eventually HD TV will replace CRT TV altogether.

    3. Blu-ray player still uncommon.

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