Oz Rock Guitar Hero Pack For Australia Day


Excellent news for Guitar Hero: World Tour-owning fans of Aussie RAWK! Activision has revealed a three-song DLC pack featuring Silverchair, Wolfmother and The Vines (most definitely not pictured above) will be hitting the console of your choice shortly before Australia Day.

Which is a nice start. The beauty of downloadable content is its ability to target markets with tracks too niche to warrant inclusion on the full retail game, so hopefully we'll be seeing more DLC packs with a similar local flavour. What other Aussie bands would you like to see? Me, I'd be keen for some Lubricated Goat, perhaps The Sharp, and certainly a little bit of Cherry. Some of Australia's finest, right there.

Here's the full PR:


In celebration of Australia Day 2009, Activision and Red Octane will be allowing Guitar Hero World Tour fans to step into the shoes of three of Australia's most successful rock acts: Silverchair, Wolfmother and The Vines. Aussie rockers can smash their drums, thrash their guitars or scream into the mic to three of Australia's most iconic rock anthems from 22nd January 2009.

Featured in the downloadable content is Silverchair's 1995 hit "Tomorrow", which found early success as one of their first songs when it won a local music competition run by Australian television network SBS. Rounding out the Track Pack is the GRAMMY Award winning Wolfmother with "Dimension" and The Vines with their hit "Outtathaway!"

The Australian Track Pack and will be available on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace for Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft for 440 Microsoft Points (or 160 points per single) on 22nd January. Following that it will be live on 5th February for the PLAYSTATION®Store for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system for $9.95 (or $3.45 per single) and Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection for Wii™ for 160 Wii Points per single.


    It's great that we are getting Australian content. It's a pity the bands suck whilst simultaneously blowing (a rare feat) but it's a start.

    The best of Slim Dusty, plz.

    Lubricated Goat? How old are you David!?!?!

    Old enough to remember their infamous nude performance on Blah Blah Blah.

    I remember The Sharp! My Dad was really into them. They had a guy with a bad ass double bass from memory.

    I wouldn't mind some Ratcat, The Saints, Celibrate Rifles and Radio Birdman instead.

    cog, definetly cog
    imo there is no better band in the entire world than cog

    so yeah id like some cog

    silverchair. awesome. shame the song is crap. give us one way mule. that song would absolutely rock on ghwt.

    needs more Fireballs, MUCH better than The Living End

    What a pity the bands (and songs) suck. What about some Baby Animals? 'Early Warning' would be absolutely perfect for this.

    I can't think of "The Sharp" without thinkning of the spoof Late Show video "Skivvies Are Back."

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