PixelJunk Eden Gets Updated, Easier This Thursday

PixelJunk Eden Gets Updated, Easier This Thursday

North Americans, expect your copy of PixelJunk Eden to become breezier this week, as the patch that adds more time, more control options and more forgiveness will hit the PlayStation Network this Thursday.

Q-Games’ big boss Dylan Cuthbert reveals on the official U.S. PlayStation blog that the patch that hit Japan late last year will grace American PlayStation 3s alongside the next PlayStation Store update. It comes bundled with a new camera, a less cruel continue system and much, much more. Okay, maybe one thing more.

Cuthbert also drops word that an “Encore” version of PixelJunk Eden is in the works. That’s an expansion pack to me and you. Very exciting!

Kotaku AU Note: Where does that leave us, eh Sony?

PixelJunk Eden: Tending to Our Lovely Gardens [PlayStation.blog]

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