Play Pinball, Learn About Farts

I've seen plenty of edumacational games and I'm always delighted to explore how they surreptitiously teach people as they play a game. But this is the first time I've played a edu-pinball game.

Early on in the touring Grossology exhibit there are two Gas Attack Pinball machines. The game appears to be a standard pinball that's been stripped of decoratives and redesigned to help teach people about how gas is produced in the colon.

The pin balls represent bacteria and the bumpers represent different foods. As you play gas points are wracked up for hitting the different foods. The gassier the food, the higher the point count. If you manage to make it into the beans pockets on the table you're rewarded with a group of children singing a quick rendition of Beans, Beans, The Musical Fruit.

Sure the game isn't really that educational. In fact, all I really leaned is that beans are musical and that pigs can talk, but I love the fact that when someone thought educational game, they thought pinball.


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