Please Be Seated For This King Of Fighters XII Trailer

Heed the warning. Don't stand and watch. If you're standing, it's further for your jaw to fall before it hits the ground. More chance of seriously hurting yourself.


    Epic. Failure. I'm not gonna buy this game. It's like KOF Maximum Impact in 2D.

    looks like Capcom vs SNK, and that's 9 years old. Not enough frames of animation, no new characters unless you count Raiden who just happened to be in Capcom vs SNK 2, and it seems to any lack innovation whatsoever.

    clicked on the link and avast went beserk nice virus at gametrailers :(

    jaw dropping coz it's so crap?

    srsly - what a waste of time; are you high Luke?

    Crap how? That's some nice, hand drawn 2d art... looks better than the SF2 HD Remix.. I was suitably impressed.

    Are you morons kidding me?? This looks INCREDIBLE!!! I think you guys need to be reminded that these graphics are 100% hand drawn!! I'm sooo getting this when it comes to the PS3/360.

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