Please, Hammer, Don't Hurt Bobby Kotick

We definitely know that Activision's got something MC Hammer related on its 2009 plate. But photo evidence of the Funky Headhunter standing next to CEO Bobby Kotick? 2 legit not 2 post!

Hammer recently Twittered his hopes for "a great 2009 for Bobby Kotick and Activision" and revealed a grainy shot of the two "taken at dinner in NY November 2008" in what is probably the best CEO standing next to a former rap superstar picture ever.

The question is: What are Hammer and Activision collaborating on? Is it the trademarked but not officially announced Dance Hero? Hammer's DanceJam endeavor would certainly fit in with such a product, rife with marketing opportunities and YouTube-like uploading fun.

Or is Hammer knowledge sharing with Bobby and company on another Hero game that's yet to be named? If so, will it have a balloon pants controller?!

Thanks for the heads up, Jon.


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