Prep Up Your NXE Avatar With New Threads

Prep Up Your NXE Avatar With New Threads

Your New Xbox Experience avatar just got a wardrobe booster, thanks to the fashionistas at Microsoft and Rare. It’s a noticeably preppy update to the Avatar closet, perfect for a weekend beach house getaway.

Fans of polos, cardigans, chinos and other yacht-appropriate casual wear will want to deck out their Avatars with the latest threads. You know, for Live Party clambakes and such. There are even Nantucket pants for when you’re feeling virtually New England.

Kotaku AU Note: Don’t worry, I’ve no idea what that last sentence meant either.

The full list of new togs is after this.


  • Striped Polo Shirt
  • Striped Jacket with Polo
  • Checked Jacket with Polo
  • Open Neck Cardigan
  • Embroidered Pants
  • Suspenders with Hi Pants (Dress Up)


  • Hacking Jacket
  • Chinos with Belt
  • Rainy Day Boots
  • Scarlet Pumps
  • Lavender Polo Shirt

New Avatar clothes available [Major Nelson]


  • Oh, so here are the hundreds of new items of clothing Microsoft promised to add to the avatar creation tool!

    Sorry, my bad. It’s only an extra eleven. And considering that this is the biggest update so far by a long shot, the situation just looks even worse.

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