Presenting The Lost & Damned 'Box Art', Halo Wars Gold Membership Card

Two pieces of Xbox Live-related cardware on show for you today. The first is the redeemable points card you'll receive when you buy Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost & the Damned.

The second? A special Halo Wars-branded version of the fancy 12+1 Xbox Live subscription cards that have started turning up. No word on when these will be out, but with the game due in February, you can make with your own suppositions.


    Speaking of The Lost & Damned, Luke, my friend signed up for The Bronx's street team and they sent an email on the 6th of Jan saying that "“Knifeman” has been selected to appear in the upcoming “Grand Theft Auto IV,” which will be released next month."

    Don't think it's particularly 'tip worthy', but still thought you might get a kick out of it.

    Also: YAY THE BRONX! \o/

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