Prince Of Persia Movie Poster Hidden In Chick Flick

Fans eager to get a look at the poster art for Jerry Bruckheimer's upcoming movie adaptation of the Prince of Persia series need look no further than his latest release, Confessions of a Shopaholic.

The MTV Movie Blog reveals that the upcoming film adaptation of the novel Confessions of a Shopaholic will feature the debut of the Prince of Persia artwork in the form of a billboard in Times Square seen halfway through the movie. For those of you curious as to why Bruckheimer picked a movie about a woman nurturing a shopping addiction to debut the art, note that the billboard features PoP star Jake Gyllenhaal in full costume, which I am assuming is something the ladies might enjoy.

Those of us who aren't female or female-sensitive? Well here's an awesome excuse to ask a lady out to a nice movie for Valentine's Day with a hidden objective not nearly as obnoxious as the normal one.

Jerry Bruckheimer Debuts 'Prince of Persia' Poster Within His Own Film, 'Confessions Of A Shopoholic [MTV Movie Blog - Thanks Jason!]


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