Real Portal Gun Won't Leave You Tasting Blood

Flickr user emilyskeith has a boyfriend who knows she loves Portal. Knows she loves to cosplay. Knows that, should she ever feel the need to cosplay as Chell, she'd need a suitably authentic ASHPD.

So he made her one! A real one, made out of heavy, real materials. Calling it amazing would be understating it so bad you should never, ever call it amazing.

Portal Gun [flickr]


    This is a triumph!

    "This is a triumph!"

    I'm making a note here: THE JOKE IS DEAD.

    Oh dear, im so sorry Mr. Killjoy, you and your fun police can go push off elsewhere.

    Just because you may be sick of hearing all sorts of prtal referances, others might not be, and hey, sure what i said was unoriginal but i enjoyed saying it, and ill say it again.

    It is a Triumph!

    Cihan, push off. It was a relevant referance, and it was something fresher than 'the cake is a lie'.

    This is an example of how cosplay can be pure unmitigated win.

    That is just amazing. Do you have a list of the objects used to make this, or were the parts handcrafted from basic materials?

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