Resident Evil: Degeneration A Lackluster Afterthought

Resident Evil: Degeneration A Lackluster Afterthought

With the latest Resident Evil movie behind us and the next game looming ahead, flick Resident Evil: Degeneration sounds like perfect filler. But at least one critic says it’s little more than a 96-minute cutscene.

Not as much fun as the Milla Jovovich movies and not nearly as well-conceived or written as the games, “Degeneration” feels like an afterthought, stuck between the world of the movie trilogy and the world of some of the best games ever made. Without the B-movie charm of the former or the blockbuster action of the latter, “Resident Evil: Degeneration” ends up as the last thing fans of the “RE” movies or games usually think of their beloved franchise, forgettable.

The Hollywood Chicago critic goes on to say that the script falls apart after an effective opening, quickly becoming “too boring to justify its existence.”

The biggest disappointment? That the movie doesn’t include a demo of the game, presumably for the Blu-ray toting PS3.

Blu-Ray Review: ‘Resident Evil: Degeneration’ Dead on Arrival


  • Ok let me break it down.


    -Its got 2 familiar faces and voices ^_^ – Leon S Kennedy (read: OMGOMGOMGOMG) and Claire Redfield.

    -Its set in the same universe as the game 😀

    -The animations are stunning. If it gets any more real you’re not going to believe its CGI.

    -Familiar themes. T virus, coverups etc etc. Nice.

    -You could do worse for a 1 hour 30 something movie.

    Cons. The oh so many cons. Or rather, annoyances.

    -Every 2 seconds there’s going to be a wtf moment.

    -The story is told in a way so that viewers can’t form a relationship with the characters. Sure you can tell the senator is a bad guy, but hes only that much worse than claire/SRT officer that i forgot the name of. (Thats how memorable these characters are.)

    -I know its standard fare to have sidekicks do stupid things, but seriously, at the start of the movie, you just want the female SRT character dead so bad because of her stupidity.

    -The plot tries to be edgy by including a few twists, but in the end, its so fail, there’s enough of it to fill an olympic sized swimming pool. Its like, o yeah, we screwed you over. No wait, crap, we got screwed over, o wait, we ALL GOT SCREWED OVER. Sigh. Leon is just like. nah man. I knew all along. sigh.

    -Leon’s character model is a lot more emo now. Sure he resembles him enough for peeps to go OMGOMGOMG ITS LEON! But his face looks like he turned all anorexic. But his body begs to differ looking about twice as tank as he does in Resident Evil 4.

    -The story tries to be epic. It tries to be in depth. And it could have worked. Really. It could have. But 1/2 way they said: FUCK THIS. So there are just some scenes that either don’t fit or don’t make sense.

    There’s more, but I’m tired. Probably going to rant more about it later.

    Summary: See if if you’re a fan. Otherwise, give it a miss or wait till it hits the weekly rent/bargain bins.

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