Rock Band DLC Catalogue Could Reach 5,000 Songs This Year?!

Harmonix's reached a milestone of 500 downloadable tracks available for Rock Band thanks to a baker's dozen of No Doubt hits. Impressive, eh? Can it possibly reach 5,000 this year? MTV thinks it might.

According to a report from Billboard, the owner of Harmonix says "as many as 5,000" songs could be available for download. You're right. That is insane. Surely it's a misprint. Heh, right Billboard?

Not necessarily. Just don't count on it.

One Harmonix rep responded to the claims that the Rock Band catalogue would increase tenfold by saying "'As many as 5,000' is not a guarantee, but it sounds nice, doesn't it? [It's]not totally outside the realm of possibility either. Remember when people said that we'd never see 500 tracks by the end of 2008?"

I don't remember saying that, but for arguments sake, let's say I did. Now I'll say that you'll never reach 5,000 tracks by 2010. Now, we wait patiently for me to be gloriously wrong.

Thanks for the heads up, Noble!

Music, video-game industries continue to harmonize [Yahoo!/Billboard]


    That's something like 90 songs a week. I think you're pretty safe calling bogus on this one.

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